Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

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Blog - Arrogance quote

Confidence, Arrogance, Visibility and Humility


Leaders inspire others by their example and so leaders must be visible, whether in a corporate setting or an entrepreneurial one, in small groups or on a worldwide stage. “There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance…its… Read more

Red arrows flying display with smoke trails against a blue sky

Success - it takes more than fancy flying


The people who enjoy the most success (and get invited to all the must-attend parties) work hard at building their network and associate with people who inspire them to be/do/have more. We all work hard at excelling in our chosen profession through our… Read more

Group of happy business people networking

Fresh, relevant and capable people are trusted


Professionals in the fields of IT and telecoms know that failing to stay up to date with technology advances is career suicide. In other industries, where the pace of innovation is slower, those who stay informed about developments and trends are able… Read more

Rafael Nadal arranging water bottle

Wimbledon: Rituals for Peak Performance


Watching high performing tennis players compete head to head in the singles over an extended period of time provides great entertainment. I’m also fascinated by the success rituals the players have during the “rest breaks” to maintain… Read more

Blog - Abundance Mindset Cake and Apples Both

A One Word Solution for Abundance


It’s Fathers Day in the UK today, a day when we reflect and respect the role that our fathers have played in our life, for better or worse. I have two dads; I see that as a blessing. In life as in work it’s not the situation we are presented… Read more

How to Improve Your Satisfaction at Work


The Wheel of Work is a foundation tool in the performance managers’ toolkit. It won’t give you a specific answer to your issues, but it can help you decide which areas need some more targeted personal development effort e.g. through coaching. … Read more

Male providing executive briefing to interested attendees

How to Hold the Attention of Executives


Executives are very busy people with short attention spans so it pays to keep your briefing short. To avoid immediate interruptions and earn support set expectations up front; let them know you’ll get to the proposed solution in less than 3 minutes… Read more

Accountability - The Buck Stops Here


Clients often reveal to me that one of their biggest frustrations in getting their direct reports to take on stretch opportunities is that they “just don’t do what they say they will do”; as a result deadlines are missed and customer… Read more

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Angela worked for me on a complex, highly visible, £multimillion project with 1500 global stakeholders, amidst a politically charged and very challenging deadline. Angela is a bright and talented Change Manager who understands what it takes to get the business where it needs to go, ensuring that all stakeholders are on board, whilst delivering ambitious plans that respond to the business need.
- Mark Trumper, previously senior manager at Accenture now NHS